Using Your 5 Senses to Create a Date Friendly Home

cleaning for a dateThe PlentyOfFish Blog has published on article on how to use your 5 senses to create a date friendly home. The article is pretty specific too, including what CDs to play (they recommend In Between Dreams and Come Away with Me) when your date is visiting you at home.

The article, titled “Make Your Home Date-Friendly — Using Your 5 Senses,” says you should have dim lighting, fresh flowers, clean bathroom, scented candles, and a perfect temperature.

Read the entire article here.

Some things we might add…

– Put as much time into preparing yourself as you do your home/apartment.

– Dust first, then vacuum. For dusting, use a damp cloth or a microfiber duster.

– If it is light out, have your shades or curtains open to let in natural light and make your place more inviting.

– Before your date, make sure all your trash is removed from the house (including under the kitchen sink, the can in your bathroom, etc.).

– Make sure that the kitchen sink is free of dishes, food remnants, and wash clothes. Keep it sparkling clean.

– A secret real estate users use is to bake fresh chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate chip cookies?

Also, make these tips a habit, not a special occasion.

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