Online Dating April Fools Jokes

It’s April 1, which means a plethora of April Fools jokes have hit the Web. And among the jokes are some related to online dating.  Check these out:

eHarmony’s New Babify Button
You can see what your offspring will look like based on photos of you and your matches! Founder Kicked From Site for Being Ugly lives by controversy. They claim to have rejected millions of people for being too ugly. Well now the tables have turned!

eHarmony Founder Finds Love on
We hope he is very happy with his soon-to-be-bride, Olga. Sounds like they were very well matched!


George Takei and David So Discuss Online Dating | Episode 2 | Takei's Take

You may not find him on “” but that doesn’t stop George Takei from taking an entertaining look at the world of online dating. He even plugs AARP Dating.  What’s most important, however, is to see if Takei does a Tinder swipe left or right for William Shatner.


OKcupid Date From Hell

okcupid date from hellThe New York Post is running a story about two people that met on OKcupid and went out on a date. However, the girl wasn’t interested in returning with the guy to his apartment. Upset, the guy proceeded to steal his date’s cell phone then used it to log into her OKcupid account, where he proceeded to make several changes, including:

> Changing her headline to “I’m Available for Threesomes”
> Uploaded personal photos from her cell phone to her account.

In addition the man, who police are searching for, texted several of her friends, pretending to be her.

The date had started off well, but took a turn for the worse when the woman turned down the guy’s request to go to his apartment. After throwing a water bottle at her, he then stole her cell phone and started is psychotic scheme for “getting even”.

You can read the entire story here.


OKcupid Causes FireFox CEO to Resign

brendan eichWhen OKcupid launched a front page protest against Mozilla (who owns FireFox) earlier this month, they had one goal in mind. Get the new CEO of Mozilla fired because his past gay rights beliefs don’t coincide with that of the majority of Americans.

On April 3, Brendan Eich was forced to resign as the new CEO of Mozilla when OKcupid started a large campaign to get him removed. The online dating service removed itself from matchmaking to become political and to send a message. Over what? Many years ago, Eich donated $1,000 to California Prop 8 that would define marriage as being between a man and a woman. It was knock against the gay and lesbian community. Fast forward to 2014… online dating service OKcupid doesn’t think it’s OK for an authority figure to have anti-gay beliefs so they asked their FireFox users, via a full page message on their home page, to stop using FireFox in protest. This, in turn, garnished major media attention and despite the new CEO saying he was now is working with the gay and lesbian community, he was forced out of his position.

OKcupid cheered the resignation. Was this a great moral victory? Or is it a case of an online dating service going too far by entering the world of politics and holding their FireFox users hostage to their message?

An article by Reuters says many believe that the move by OKcupid shows intolerance. USAToday published an opinion article titled, “Bullies drove Eich from public square“. It asks the question as to whether OKcupid crossed the line and showed themselves to be just as intolerant as Eich’s past beliefs.

Did OKcupid do the right thing? Did getting Eich fired send a strong message that those who have had past or present anti-gay beliefs are not welcome in leadership positions? Or did it send the message that no matter your past beliefs or actions, you will always be held accountable for them?

No matter what one’s opinion is, one thing is for sure: the move brought OKcupid a wave of publicity, particularly as the “good guy”, that millions of dollars in advertising could never buy. Will we see more online dating services now jumping up to do the same thing?


Using Your 5 Senses to Create a Date Friendly Home

cleaning for a dateThe PlentyOfFish Blog has published on article on how to use your 5 senses to create a date friendly home. The article is pretty specific too, including what CDs to play (they recommend In Between Dreams and Come Away with Me) when your date is visiting you at home.

The article, titled “Make Your Home Date-Friendly — Using Your 5 Senses,” says you should have dim lighting, fresh flowers, clean bathroom, scented candles, and a perfect temperature.

Read the entire article here.

Some things we might add…

– Put as much time into preparing yourself as you do your home/apartment.

– Dust first, then vacuum. For dusting, use a damp cloth or a microfiber duster.

– If it is light out, have your shades or curtains open to let in natural light and make your place more inviting.

– Before your date, make sure all your trash is removed from the house (including under the kitchen sink, the can in your bathroom, etc.).

– Make sure that the kitchen sink is free of dishes, food remnants, and wash clothes. Keep it sparkling clean.

– A secret real estate users use is to bake fresh chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate chip cookies?

Also, make these tips a habit, not a special occasion.


NFL’s New Dating Service Could be a Touchdown

NFL Dating Service(April 1, 2014) If you are a fan of the NFL then your day has gotten brighter with the announcement that the NFL is launching a new dating and matchmaking service.  Online Dating Magazine was the first to break the news, outlining exactly how the matchmaking process works. It’s a three part process that first matches you to a team, then gets you to an NFL game of that team, and matches you with another dating site member at the game. So not only do you find someone compatible with you, but also someone who is passionate about the same team you are.

When you think about it, it is a very smart service. Not only does the NFL make money for matching people, but they are creating potential future season ticket holders and building loyalty for their brand. Smart.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was one of the first beta testers to try it. He was reportedly matched with the Oakland Raiders. In response, he said there are still “a few kinks” to work out.

Click here to read the full story.


Redheads Have More Fun in Bed says Survey

It may be considered risky sexual behavior, but a new survey has found that redheads have more one night stands and more “friends with benefits” partners than brunettes, blondes, and black-haired women.

According to the survey, 63% of female redheads have had a one night stand. For blondes, who came in second, it was 55%.

When it comes to “Friends with Benefits” relations, 53% of redheads have had such a relationship. A close second was brunettes at 52%.

The survey also found that redheads have 5% more orgasms (with familiar partners) than blondes (41% – 36%). Women with black hair have the fewest orgasms with familiar partners, coming in at 29%.


Online Dating First DateSource: Online Dating Magazine


Outsource Your Online Dating Duties

Imagine that you’re communicating with someone online, yet when you meet in person there is something different… very different… like you’ve never communicated with that person before.

Welcome to the world of “online dating outsourcing”. It’s where someone else manages your profiles and communicates with your contacts, but you go on the dates.

Here’s an article by Online Dating Magazine about a man who took out an ad looking for such a deal:

Title: Man Tries to Outsource Online Dating
Excerpt: A man in New York has come up with a clever way to handle his love life – outsource online dating by paying a female to do it for him…
Full Story: Click Here


“If you’re dating without a photo, it’s like trying to date at a bar with a bag on your head.”

~ Love coach Lauren Frances on the Riki show.